Teaching & training at SFU’s University Outpatient Clinic for Psychotherapy in Linz

SFU’s Psychotherapeutic Outpatient Clinic is an internship institution recognized by the Austrian Ministry of Health for both the propaedeutic course and psychotherapeutic specialisation. Therefore, the psychotherapeutic Outpatient Clinic offers them the opportunity to complete all internships, except for the 150 hours of internship in a specialized health care facility (“clinical internship”).

At the Outpatient Clinic, you can gain first insights into psychotherapeutic treatment, organizational procedures and initial experience in psychotherapeutic work from the beginning of  the psychotherapy science studies.

The Outpatient Clinic in Linz is available for adults aged 18 and older. We offer different setting forms, such as individual, couple and family settings. Group settings are being planned.
We treat a wide range of topics and disorders, such as anxiety, depression, addictions, social and specific phobias, psychosomatic complaints, schizophrenia, personality disorders, mobbing, crises of meaning, relationships, partnership, family, work and career, trauma, stress disorders, etc.
The different psychotherapeutic directions are also comprehensively represented. Colleagues from behavioral therapy, systemic family therapy, individual psychology, Gestalt therapy, integrative Gestalt therapy, existential analysis and logotherapy, etc. are represented at the outpatient clinic.

The work as an outpatient assistant during the internship includes:

  • initial contact with clients by telephone and in person
  • room administration
  • organizational contact with psychotherapists and students in training under supervision
  • participation in team meetings
  • admission and testing of clients
  • observing and recording therapy sessions
  • supporting research projects and working with university research funds
  • working with files and therapy contributions

If interested, please contact:

Mag.a Silke Ortner
Mail: silke.ortner@sfu.ac.at
Phone: +43 660 2019957

SFU Outpatient Clinic Linz
Tel.: +43 732 77 41 11
E-mail: ambulanz-linz@sfu.ac.at
Address: Landstraße 18, 3rd floor, entrance: Spittelwiese 4, 4020 Linz

Please note that the services at our Outpatient Clinic are offered in German only.