The (research) Ethics Commission is responsible for ethical issues of research projects as a review body. It checks BEFORE the start of the research project, whether it meets the requirements of research ethics, including the Declaration of Helsinki.
The Ethics Commission evaluates research projects on or with human beings, i.e. investigations that may impair the physical or mental integrity, the right to privacy, other subjective rights or overriding interests of the study participants.
The Ethics Commission must also examine whether the safety and welfare of animals and the compliance of the study design with the requirements of animal protection law are adequately ensured in research projects involving the use of animals in a way that goes beyond mere observation.
The Ethics Commission is not responsible for ensuring that the ethics rules are observed in the practical work of  students, unless this is the research content of a research project.

Good scientific practice § 3

The Ethics Commission is responsible for ensuring good scientific practice. For this purpose, Sigmund Freud Private University follows the current guidelines of the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity (OeAWI – ).
The Austrian Private Universities Conference (ÖPUK) is an associated member of the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity.
A representative appointed by the Senate can be contacted anonymously. Despite no obligation to report potential violations, the representative must report to the Faculty Senate.

Website of the SFU Ethics Commission